You share entire sleep and day! Still, can’t you feel the pain of love!

Yes, our dog will share our entire day and night! But, still, we are not aware of the ways he expresses his love and affection. A boyfriend can express his love through words, but our furry friend has even more bonded ways to express his love for us.
I have never seen any creature in this world which have best depicted the feelings of love. Just answer a query! Have you ever noticed the doggie and his eyes? The doggies can express the love with eyesight itself, but only the human beings can’t understand the feelings. We have six senses, but can’t feel the love of five sensed furry friend. It’s something to be ashamed of humanity! So don’t face this shames in life, be aware of the signs of doggies love and contribute a better partnership for the entire life span of doggie!


Just enjoys your beauty:

Doggie is cute and expressive. Dogs first sign of love will be the looks. He will just express the love with eyesight, not with greeting cards or bouquets! When you notice the dog cuddling or sighting you continuously with his eyes, then undoubtedly he proposes you!
The dog will release oxytocin hormone while expressing the love, which is same as our mother releases when she holds us in childhood. Dogs are next mother to us, right? Accept his proposal of love with a hug, just show more affection and love in bounce. The dog will be happy that you respect his love! Just have sight on him for a long span and notice his reactions.


Ho-hums are pestiferous, hence when you yawn, the doggie will ho- hum. The doggie will often yawn when you do that. It’s just an expression of love that the dog’ feel your love, just like antique Indian women who will die if their spouse dies. Yawn before your doggies sight, it’s just a result of bonding with the doggie. But this fails when a strangers yawn.

Inclined to peep your face:

Somehow or the other, the dog will try to glance your eyes. Hence when the dog is grounded, he will incline his head and will peep for your look. The doggie will ask you to arrange for a dating and outings. Just hear ” Lean on me” song to provide the security to him in return.

Heavy petting:

I strongly believe that the meal time is best suited for sharing the love with each other. But there is another section at which the doggies express their love. The doggie will share his entire love in the bed by cuddling with us. They will just lie in our chest to soothe the feel of love. It’s just a pawesome moment in every pet parent’s life.

Raising the eyebrows:

When we play with small kids, we could often notice that they raise and lower their eyebrows continuously and get excited. But, in dogs expression, it’s just a Tajmahal, symbol of love! Why can’t our dogs gift the symbol of love to us? Sure, every pet parent would have experienced the symbol of love in their doggies face and actions!

Locks him on eye up:

When you leave the home for work, the dog would stay calm and wait for your return. This is the sign of his love and the doggie tells you that ” I miss you too much, please come back soon.” The doggie can’t speak, but can express every word your spouse says with his eyesight, even better than your spouse!

Freakouts when glancing:

The dog will just rush and cuddle you, as you return to home. It’s just like the babies hug their mother or father from work or after trips. These furry friends are the best spouse, babies, friend and so on in our life. This feeling can only adhere pet parents, in their routine life. I have the best moments in everyday life, just by cuddling him after the end of the day.

Just occupies the bed before you go:

The dogs would try to rush to our bed after the potty sessions are over in the night. It’s just a feeling to express his love that the doggie will not leave us anywhere from his sight. When you go to the bed, the doggie will be closer and cuddle you to share his love. Just be the best companion for him to share his love. The doggie is the best partner who doesn’t reveal any of your panic, sorrow and embarrassing moments to other persons, even to his biological partner.
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Fetch the toy for play session:

The doggie will have a favorite toy and will fetch it to begin the play session or fun time with you. They want their party session with you, as you’re the most loved and trustworthy person. The doggie fetches toy which if favorite to him in thought that you’d have the same taste and will love it. The doggies are at the right perspective that only like- minded, and the persons who have the same wavelength, frequency persons can love. So shower the love and affection.

Kissing or licking in cheeks:

When the doggie is in extreme love mood, then daringly he kisses or licks in your cheeks. Doggie is not the coward, hence would approach you directly to shower his love. If you didn’t share the love, then the doggie would tire and feel the pain of unrecognized love.

Enjoy loving the furry spouse!

Love is a pain for every creature. Whether the pain may be optimistic or negative, but there would be an impression in the insight. “Somebody said love is blind, but I say my life is blind for me without my furry spouse.” In my perspective, the spouse is not the life partner; it’s the word to depict the creature which is at same wavelength in insight. Already your doggie is feeling the pain of love, why you should again pick his heart by unnoticing his love? Care and share love to doggies! I assure they would maintain loyalty in the relationship!
Share the ways your doggie expressing love to you in the comments page, to make us shower on your love!
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