What is The Paleo Diet?

You will find that the Paleo diet is a new diet and it is probably one of the world’s oldest diet in the history of mankind. The rule in this diet is simple. You have to remove most of the food that you take today and consume natural vegetables and fruits. Animal protein is also thrown in- this means you have to fill up your refrigerator with only vegetables, fruits and meats. This is what the Paleo diet is in a nutshell!


Experts speak

Weston A. Price Foundation established in 1999 focuses on the works and research of Weston A. Price in the USA. It is a non-profit organization that deals in spreading awareness about nutrient dense food to the public in the USA. It organizes training programs and seminars where it discusses the current food habits of the population in America. It focuses a lot of importance on the Paleo diet that will help you to stay in shape and be healthy.

When it comes to losing weight, the Paleo diet is considered to be one of the best diets available in the world today. In fact, there is no other diet that can compare the Paleo diet. Now, you might be wondering as what are the benefits of the Paleo diet and why it is so successful?


Know the caveman diet…


The Paleo diet is actually the caveman diet that was followed centuries back. Those who have embraced the Paleo diet actually have confirmed that it does bring in a wide amount of changes to the mind and body. There have been reports and research that has also said that it has the power to address arthritis. The theory is that the human body was not designed to eat sugar, grains and bread. These food are the ones that society places on the top of the main food chart. This is why you have inflammation in the joints and suffer from arthritis. However, till date there are no credible scientific studies or reports to confirm the above. The above conclusion has been reached after a section of the people who have embraced the Paleo diet say that it is an effective way to treat arthritis and weight gain.


There has been claims that the Paleo diet will also reduce blood pressure as well as the cholesterol levels in the body. This may seem strange to people who know that Paleo dieters also eat a lot of fat proteins like beef and lamb. However, the weight loss is attributed to the other parts of the diet that is restrictive in nature. When you are following the Paleo diet, you cannot eat sugars, legums and all foods that is processed. Breads too are not allowed.

The experts of the Weston A. Price Foundation say that the simple thing to remember is to go natural. This is all you have to do. You should avoid peanuts and potatoes as well as anything that you will find in the frozen food section in the supermarket or the grocery store- it is as simple as that!

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