Trump Foundation in Hot Waters Over Illegal Raising of Money

It is a fact that is well-acknowledged that Trump loves to blow his own trumpet all the time. Whatever he does, he does it better than others, at least according to him. He behaves no differently when he it comes to talking about his own foundation.  He makes sure he lets everyone know why his foundation is the best, all the while trying to shred the efforts of the Clinton foundation to pieces with a hunger that would put starving wolves to shame. But here’s the thing: Trump’s beloved foundation might just be illegally raising money. And this could potentially shut it down, and all in time for November.


The State of New York requires any charitable organisation that is based in the city and that raises over $25000 per year to specially register before it can continue raising donations. And Trump never got around to doing it. Laws also point out that the organisation must submit to severe yearly audits that enquire whether any of the donation money has been spent on its members. Another well-known fact here is that Donald Trump spends the charity’s money freely. He spent money from the charity to buy a portrait of himself.  Personal lawsuits worth over $25000 have been cleared using money that again came from the organisation. If that wasn’t enough, he has used money from the charity to advertise his hotels and try to buy off people who might potentially reveal his scandalous behaviour and actions. This is termed as self-dealing and it doesn’t fall in the bounds of what can be considered remotely legal. But such things have rarely mattered to Trump. He does what he wants and expects everyone to put up with it.

The foundation that belongs to Trumps might also be in big trouble with the IRS. It fined the charitable organisation an amount of $2500 for donating money to Pam Bondi’s, who is the Florida Attorney General, campaign for re-election. This was done when she was willing to investigate the Trump University Scam. If this was not an attempt to buy her off, then one doesn’t know what is.

So, now we know that Trump’s beloved foundation is in caught in the eye of a raging storm and it might just blow it away from its roots. Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, is currently on the verge of uncovering all of the foundation’s evil deeds and, if he finds that it has been raising money illegally, he might just shut them down. Better yet, he might get a court order demanding it return all the money that had been donated it. This move could easily bankrupt the foundation.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Campaign Manager, commented recently that the foundation’s money is Trump’s own. She also lauded Trump’s generosity. When questioned, she said that the money in the foundation comes from Trumps. Which is untrue. He hasn’t done much for the foundation since early 2008 and all of the 25000 dollars and more come from donations other people make.  Making it illegal.

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