Top 7 family dogs which become your furry boyfriend!

Wow! What a good idea? You’re in great perspective to adopt a new doggie to your home. Sure these furry pets would become one of your family members, even if you don’t know to train them for the basic obedience.

The pets can easily understand our body language and love, but we may sometimes do mistakes in this. Some dog breeds are used particularly for safeguarding, sniffing, aggressive and are known as police dogs. I would never dare to choose these breeds for my home. It’s too risky only dog trainers and behaviourist could make their tail straight. I have been knowing the facts for best dog breeds to pet at home. I would share their specialties with you folks.


When we want to adopt a dog for our family, it must be sturdy, energetic, friendly and intelligent too! These qualities can make you and the doggie better partners. Let’s take a look at the dog breeds which can easily adapt to family circumstances.

American Water Spaniel

This breed is the best swimmer among doggies. They are fond of swimming and watery areas. The spaniel is bred particularly for hunting purpose. They are highly energetic and can entertain you better with mischievous activities for the whole day running and mess up in thegarden. The spaniel is also a great warrior as he can make the strangers scary and get rid of.


Basset Hound

The one more competitor for hunting with spaniel is Basset. But these are like tortoise hunting, slow and steady. These are to pack dogs which can make you and family members a loyal best partners. They are only 50-60 pounds, so can easily adopt to any place. The only thing about bassets is they are great boxers in training sessions, but if you’re a pack leader for him, sure he is lovable and gentle.


The crew of little stubborn breeds includes beagle too! But they are small- medium size doggies, which can be very energetic and friendly. This breed can be a better partner for all age crew pet parents and hence they are the most adopted pets. If you have children, then their play session can be with this beagle.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese is really huge like amountain to lift. These are calm and would be often depicted as “gentle giants.” This breed was popular for their farm works, but as now if we domesticate it’s better to train them. Bernese can make a great canine companionship for you. As they are huge and gentle giants, you have to leave the living space also huge.

Boston Terrier

Boston @ American gentleman can be best fighter breeds. But if you’ve trained them for home, then it’s you, lover. These American gentlemen are too energetic, funny ignoring their small physic. Their good qualities make them affectionate family pets.



Brittany can be an entertainer of the family and loved by all the members. They are Olympians on the athletic stream. These Brittany’s are energetic and hence we have to better schedule their training sessions. The happy thing about Brittany is they can be easily trained. But you can’t leave this partner too long in the crate, so you must be engaged with him. They are long lasting loyal partners to you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These are developed as a breed to be on thelap of spaniels. They dog is so mean about cuddling in the parent’s lap and rubbing your belly. Charles is theperfect companion for kids who can take great care with medications also. They are easy to train and a better leaner of all the commands passed.

Ready to go!

Sure, you’d have selected the best canine partner for your family. Treat the doggie with various rotational feeds and also be aware of the things for which doggie would be in toxicity. Take great care and enjoy the canine companionship!

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