Russ Lea Explains What to Look for When Hiring a Speaker

What do you have to have to motivate people? How can you say that things which will get them up and get them going? No, everyone cannot say things to motivate. Everyone does not have the ability to get their message through. For this reason, corporates usually hire professional motivational speakers to inspire the team. They look for outside help when they need a performance boost or confidence uplifting. However, you need to know what to look for when you are hiring a motivational speaker. Who can do the job easily for you? Russ Lea is a speaker himself. He has mentored a lot of young people. He knows which qualities to look for when you are hiring a motivational speaker.

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The speaker must be an entertainer. Corporate professionals or even the students are already under too much pressure. They don’t have space to breath or time to live up their lives. This is the main reason, motivation wanes. If the speaker adheres to only theoretical lecture, the audience will drift for obvious reasons. What they need is an entertainer. Someone who can make them sit up and listen. It will help if the speaker has sense of humor. A little laughter always helps. For this reason, find someone Russ says who can showcase a fun filled speaking session.


A motivational speaker needs to work for the organization’s goal. But, obviously says Russ Lea. If the organization is hiring the speaker, the speaker needs to work for the highest benefit of the organization. The speaker should motivate the people to work for the benefit of the company. This is a necessity. Look for someone who can create training material which will suit the requirement of the company. You should be careful about this when hiring someone.


It is important that you hire someone who is action oriented. Of course the speaker needs to leave an impression in the minds of the audience. Rather the speaker needs to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. For this the personality of the speaker should be exceptional. They should be able to grab attention and hold it till the time they get through the training session.


You want to know who to hire, here is the answer hire someone with passion. Yes, Russ says. It passion which gets people going. Passion is contagious. People cannot help but go about it when faced with a passionate person. Someone who has passion can motivate others to have passion too. The speaking session should be lively and entertaining. Russ has the passion for motivating people and investing in projects no one else will invest. He is all about unique ideas and exploring new grounds. For this reason, he has gained fame in the corporate world.


He is one of the sought after speaker of his area. In his speaking sessions, he showcases the required passion for the topics. He also has right tool to make people inspired about the subject he is giving a presentation of.

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