Read AboutTheTop 6 Benefits Of This Honey Water Drink

Read AboutTheTop 6 Benefits Of This Honey Water Drink


I have been professional tennis player for seven years now. Tennis, like any other sport you take for seriously requires dedication and a lot of energy. My trainer advised me to consume honey every morning in order to compensate for the long hours of training. But, the problem is that I just don’t like too sweet things, just like the honey.


That is why I made up a recipe with honey and water that will keep me hydrated at the same time. That is the true way to start your morning with this honey water recipe. If I triggered your attention a little bit, then keep reading about how to mix water and honey and what the benefits of this potion are.

Read about the topmost 6 honey water benefits of this drink:

  1. Water and honey blend to recover your immune system

The property of recovering the immune system is the topmost advantage of the honey and the water, as the immune system is essential to our health. Knowing that this honey bee water drink is rich with antioxidants, our stomach will benefit from these ingredients to the fullest only when empty. That is the rule number one if you are looking forward to feeling the effect of a quick immune system recovery. Also, a pinch of ginger powder in this mixture is a great idea.

  1. Honey water for sore throat and a whooping cough

This honey and water drink works as a shield against sore throat, allergies, influenza, fever or whooping cough. If you make a habit of consuming it on a regular morning basis it will make this a long-term shield against these. Remember to take one teaspoon of honey in warm water instead of dextromethorphan whenever you suffer from the tiresome coughing that won’t go.

  1. Honey and water blend as an energy generator drink

Sportsmen for sure like this advantage of the honey mostly. This honeyed water aids people engaged in sport to achieve better and cope with the exhaustion effortlessly. The progressiveoutcomes of honey intake are felt right away. This mixture of honey and water is better drink than an energy drink.

  1. How to lose weight with honey water diet?

The two ingredients of this drink have unique properties on their own. The water detoxifies your body from toxins and the honey turns the extra fats into energy supply. This is truly a win combination so get addicted to this honey and water morning recipe to get slimmer as soon as possible. During the rest of the day, do not stop drinking with water, but hydrate your body to get slimmer as soon as possible.

  1. Fight the worrying levels of cholesterol with honey and water

This honey and water together is a perfect solution for people whose aim is to lower their cholesterol. Also, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, should turn to honey and water, especially as a morning combination. Two different studies found out that bothwater and honey arehelpfulin lowering cholesterol.  Honey is rich with antioxidants to combat the free radicals which destroy cells and water cleanses blood from toxins.


Here is the honey water recipe:

After you pour warm water in a mug, add one tablespoon of honey and stir until you feel the sweet smell under your nose, which means that the honey blended completely with the water. Before drinking it(on an empty stomach), you may consider adding a lemon juice (if you like) or ginger, for example.


With these extras or not, your morning pre-lunch beverage will do the most for you –  it will create the energy to start the day, run your errands smoothly and there isn’t a better way to start the day but, with sweet healthy food for a brighter mood. The warm water is recommended in the morning to wake your stomach up and to speed up metabolism. In addition to honey, you will not only wake your stomach, but you will also make absorb these vitamins and antioxidants completely. For the rest of the benefits, be patient because the results will follow if you stick to this morning honey and water beverage.




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