Faith Releases Love and Blessings of God.

In the affairs of every man of faith, there is an unseen hand. God is the invisible hand that brings everything to pass. As a Christian, whatsoever situation you are in, do a proper thinking. One should sit down and reflect on life itself and one will discern that nothing happens for nothing, not anything comes by chance.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN did not just come by chance. It was as it ought to be by God’s will. Right from the beginning, Almighty God has been the heavenly chauffeur behind all fortunes and the motivation behind the whole set up. God has set a time for entirety: a time to be born, a time to develop, a time to face torment, a time to overcome and a time to show the gates of conquest.
This redemption is to be received through faith and repentance. God expects His people to change their adherence. One must now love Him and attend Him and not one’s old corrupt and selfish desires. He wants to set people free from every repression. But as well as this change of repentance or allegiance, people need to believe God and His promises with an undying faith. Lack of trust leads to lack of obedience. Only through faith can God’s commands be really fulfilled. Without trust and confidence in God’s promises, a man will never truly do what God says. Lack of deference in God’s eyes is insurgence. Such lack of submission dishonors God and certainly deserves to be castigated.
A Christian’s home does not come by luck. It is not a thing of accident or chance. You do not just find yourself in it, it is something you have through genuine willingness or conscious effort. So also, SCOAN or The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations that you see at present did not just take place, it was built. Many years ago, a small crowd of eight fellows came together to hold their first meeting in a humble shelter in a swampy, squalid jungle, in the place of Agodo-Egbe in Lagos, Nigeria. For everything God produced, He allotted a definite and specific purpose. The mission and purpose of the church was clear and simple– to strive for and save the lost.
It became increasingly clear as time went on, that TB Joshua was not just a conventional pastor, doing ‘ordinary things’ and preaching ‘ordinary’ words. Right from the commencement, he has understood that serving God is not doing what a lot of people do but doing what the best do.
Clear signal of exceptional miraculous incidents began to arise. The hopeless cancer patients were lifted from despair, the lame began to walk, and desperate situations were turned to scenes of joy, life and peace. Since day one, the focus in The SCOAN has never been on the curing but on the Healer, whose name is Lord Jesus Christ. Faith is compatible with internal peace. It is not ‘trying to believe’. To claim that you are ‘trying to believe’ God is to say that you do not completely believe Him. The person who is ‘trying to believe’ may be genuine, but he does not have confidence in that area yet.

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