Elliptical Size and Configurations guide

Size: Averagely, these products measure 2.5 feet in width and 6 feet length. You will require at least 20” of free space on either the back or front and on at least one of the sides.Three basic configurations of the fitness for home elliptical machines exist. These are dependent upon the flywheel in relation to the position of the footpads. These configurations do highly influence the cost of the product, types of workouts among other factors.

  1. Front-Drive

In this type of configuration, the drive wheel is positioned at the elliptical front, normally in a relatively large housing. Usually, this equipment comes with pedals, which are supported on the wheels gliding on a track. Depending on the roller quality, this setup can be a major contributing factor to noise.

  1. Center-Drive  

Just as the name suggests, the position of the drive wheel is at the center of your equipment. The pedals of this machine usually ride on cylindrical rollers together with a crankshaft. It is the most compact amongst the three types of configuration thus takes the least floor space of the three. However, since the pedal arms can extend well beyond the equipment’s body when in use, the total space needed may end up being the same as that of the other two. The transition is gentler and the elliptical path more round.

 Elliptical Size and Configurations guide

iii. Rear-Drive

The location of the drive wheel is at the rear of the equipment, in a smaller housing. The product can come with a track-and-roller system for the pedals. Alternatively, pedals can be suspended on extended pedal arms between the moving handgrips and the drive wheel. With the track-and-roller setup, the ramp (or rather track) often tilts thus providing an incline. For the machines with suspended pedals, in most cases, the ride is quiet and smooth. These types of equipment tend to be very long as compared with the others.

  1. Safety and Maintenance

Te elliptical is an equipment that inherently dangerous for the little ones. This is because they can easily get trapped in the moving parts or get pinched by the same. If you have children in the house, ensure they can’t get access to the machine. In addition to this, during the purchasing time, you need to consider some additional safety measures.

Safety Features

There are some additional safety features that are good for securing this machine while it’s not under use. These include the locking features that keep the pedals in a firm position thus can’t move. Other features also prevent the machine from being started.


Going for a maintenance free machine is prudent. A properly designed elliptical takes the normal wear & tear into consideration thus one need to worry about maintenance.


Most of the quality elliptical units do offer lifetime warranty on some parts such as the frame. On coming to the other parts, ensure that you go for a unit with at least one year warranty coverage. Also ensure you are well briefed on what parts have been covered.


Fitness for home elliptical can be a great asset in deed if you make the right choice. Just know exactly what you need and the goals you really wish to achieve and make the bold move of getting the best machine for your home.

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