How do you like to unwind? On the floor? Bed? At times, you get tired of sitting on a couch or in a chair? How about a comfy Bean Bag Chair?

Bean Bag Chairs are certainly a very good option. Some may think of them as a useful piece of lounge and recreation furniture that one has to live with. Whatever it may be, when we were all kids, the bean bag chair was de rigueur in our living rooms.

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Most of us have enjoyed the comfort of a classic bean bag chair at some point of time in our lives. We remember from our childhood snuggled up into them, jumping on them, and being a little rough with them, and having tiny beads of polyurethane flying everywhere. As adults, we now understand that our parents and care takers did not enjoy tidying up that clutter and rather soon the bean bag chair was almost flat.

There are several options available on the market, some much improved from the old vinyl bean bags we remember from our youth. As we recall about these bouffant wonders, it makes us think: is the bean bag chair out-of-date or totally timeless?

When it comes to bean bag chairs, the choices are varied, from bean bag chairs ergonomically designed to be comfortable for avid gamers, to colorful lazy-boy bean bag chairs for brightening up your home office. Many are as much fun to sit on as they are to play with, and all are quite easy to clean and durable as well.

bean bag chair

Even though beanbags are commonly used as casual chairs, it is up to you to use it whichever way you want. Having said that, several best bean bag chairs are quite portable, functional, and comfortable.

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Here is a roundup of some important things you need to know before finding one:

Who is it for?

Considering who will use the chair will help when deciding how to buy a bean bag chair. As was mentioned earlier, sizes range from small to extra larger, and they come in designs for both adults and children. In most cases, the dimensions of a bean bag chair vary by type, material and brand. In addition, it is more common to find bean bag chairs for children than for grown ups, however.

The sizes of bean bags suited for kids are usually very small, with dimensions anywhere between 24 and 48 inches in diameter. These chairs are normally printed on vinyl fabric, or stretch fabric, stretch fabric. In contrast, adult bean bags are produced to accommodate large adults with some brands including foam mattresses in their chairs which commonly range from twin to king.

Even though adult bean bag chairs are limited to simple designs and bold colors, custom bean bag chair covers of attractive designs and varied colors can be bought separately.

bag chair


Next up is the size factor. Finding the right size is crucial if you are wondering how to buy a bean bag chair. Remember, the best bean bag chairs will no doubt comfortably accommodate all kinds of people that use them. Just as there are different sizes of people, there are different sizes of bean bags as well. The bean bag chair size convention usually varies between small, medium, large and there are a few brands that offer extra small and extra large chairs to suit particular individuals. As you would have guessed by now, large and extra large suit adults and heavily built adults down to the ground.

Whatever bean bag chair you decide to buy, make sure it is just large enough for you to plonk down and that it does not cave in. Furthermore, your back should be well supported and it should be absolutely comfortable.

Tip: If you are looking for bean bag chairs for kids, you have got plenty of chairs to choose from. Always go for a slightly larger size. Your kids are anyway going to outgrow it, so make sure you can give them more years of the extreme comfort and pleasure of nestling against squishy, big bean bag chairs.


Before figuring out what bean bag chair to buy, make sure that you have enough room to put it. Large chairs may leave you cramped for space, so look out for smaller chairs if space is an issue. A great idea to create a style statement for yourself or to set up a simple space for better relaxation is to use chairs in your living room instead of traditional furniture.


When you are on the market looking for a chair, it is important to find one with a detachable cover. With a washable, detachable cover, you can keep your chair tidy and give it a good clean when it gets all messed up. Take care while transferring the contents of the bag before washing it, or you will be left with a messy floor.

Some of the latest bean bag chairs allow you to remove and wash the cover without getting the filling out of it, however their prices are usually on the higher side. Moreover, there are so many options available in this year that you can even find yourself a custom-made cover which can be zipped over your bean bag to give it a unique, fresh appearance.

Different Kinds of Bean Bag Fabrics

Bean bags can be categorized based on the materials they are composed of. All those materials require to be up to scratch especially the fire safety guidelines. We have tried and tested several types of different fabric materials and have cherry-picked the best materials for bean bag chairs, which offer more flexibility or support.

Below is a list of the bean bag chairs that are ideal for people looking for more stability, flexibility and other qualities.

Faux Leather Bean Bags

The bean bags are made of PVC that creates a leather effect without the astronomical cost of leather burning a hole in your pocket. The faux leather is ideal for people who crave softness and a leathery feel to the fabric that makes you think it is real leather.

Faux Suede Bean Bags

These bean bags are very soft, warm and lifelike. They are composed of 100% Polyester that feels just like suede; it feels as though you are in contact with the real thing. Faux suede is the most preferred material for re-upholstery because it is so close to the real thing. It offers the advantage of being very easy to clean and maintain. Real suede requires lot of care and it is very expensive compared to faux suede.

Outdoor Bean Bags

These are made of 100% Polyester and are water resistant. One added advantage of this material is that it is straightforward to wipe clean. If you are looking to get more creative with the bean bag design, you have a wide array of colors to choose from.

You can use them virtually anywhere; from kids rooms to the outdoor patio or garden. Its structure is firmer when compared to other bean bags, making it the best choice for those looking for a bean bag that retains its shape. Although they are durable, you still need to take care of them and as such, you should store them indoors when you are not using them.

Cotton Bean Bags

These are made of 100% cotton. In terms of design, it comes with a wide choice of colors and fabrics that you can get creative with.

Types of Bean Bag Fill

One of the materials you will find in a bean bag is polystyrene beads. They are very light, cushiony, airy and have outstanding characteristics that help them resist compression. They adapt to your body shape and provide great comfort that bean bag chairs are known for- thanks to the material these beads are manufactured from and the methods in which they are made.

Polystyrene Beads

The beads are made of Styrofoam, which is a brand name. To make this Styrofoam, plastics are blended with chemicals to produce a resin called EPS, which expands when heated. This EPS resin is heated enough to produce a pop that result in the creation of these Styrofoam beads. When heated further the resin forms little hard beads and becomes useless for filling the chair.

Polystyrene Beads

Virgin vs. Recycled: The plastics that make Polystyrene beads can be new (virgin) or recycled. Most importantly, one of the striking features about Styrofoam is that they allow for use of recycled plastics. For instance, when you recycle your beverage and soda bottles, they can be made into polystyrene beads. Overall, there is not a really big difference in the quality of polystyrene beads made from recycled or virgin plastics. If you are curious about the materials, you can always ask the supplier of the bean bags what kind of plastic the beads are a made of.

Smashed or Uniform: When you are about to buy a bean bag chair, you will find that beads that fill up the materials come in two categories. These beads can either be smashed up and irregular size or uniform and solitary beads. This often raises issues of comfort and longevity with each side giving valid arguments to state their case.

Some users say that having beads of varied sizes make for a more flexible chair that conforms to their body shapes while others say that having beads of uniform size is way better because they stand up for a longer time and compress less as well. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference really.

Foam Filler

The latest bean bag chairs coming into the market have a filling of high-density foam that is not only comfortable but it also conforms to your body shape. It returns to its original shape when you get up. You can make great savings on bean bag made from this material because it can be compressed for shipping. It is more structured when compared to its other counterparts since the foam material is flexible. You will also find hybrid chairs that incorporate both beads and foams. Think of it offering you two benefits at once.

Styrofoam or polystyrene is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. If you are passionate about recycling and saving the environment, you can buy the bean bag whose filler material is made of recycled plastic. If you cannot find it at the particular moment, then you should go for pre consumer recycled products. Go for the material that is smashed or uniform. It is important that you consider making an environmentally friendly bean bag purchase. Always ask the composition of the beads from the supplier.

Shredded foam is soft, flexible, long lasting foam made of space-age urethane. This means the bean bag chairs made out of this material retain their distinctive squishy feel for years to come. Chairs filled with this foam feature high quality covers with an incredibly soft quality material that is made of micro-suede.

Overall, there is a lot that has to be considered when you want a bean bag that will be worth your money. The types of beans and the composition of the filler material is a great place to start if you want to make savings, save the environment and make a fashion statement at the same time.


The bean bag chairs have come a long way since creating a huge buzz in their heydays. Nowadays, you can find several bean bag chairs of which the lounge sofas have caught everyone’s attention the most with an inner core that allows it to hold its shape while still retaining the pedigree of a traditional bean bag.

The best bean bag chairs are cushy, comfortable to dive into without the fear of landing hard while diving, and most importantly, made out of high quality materials with resistant fabrics that are easy to zip off for a quick clean.

So, are you ready to drop? Relax, kick back and plop down one of the best bean bag chairs out there.

These pieces of furniture make a great addition to any living room.

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